We will arrange a guaranteed subsidy of up to 225,000 CZK for implementation.

We handle the subsidy for you

Do you want to avoid the endless struggle with increases in electricity prices from suppliers and become self-sufficient? If you are considering your own photovoltaic solution, or using solar panels or a charging station for an electric car, consider the possibility of a state subsidy, which will make the purchase much easier. There are several grant programmes available. If you opt for New Green for Savings, Ferrit Energy will handle all of the grant paperwork for you. Instead of wasting time with paperwork, you can devote more time to your family, hobbies and other,                       more important things in your life.

New Green for Savings

The New Green Savings grant was amended in October 2021. In addition to replacing your electric heating or solid fuel boiler with a heat pump, it can also be used to buy your own photovoltaics or charging station.

Who can apply

  • Owners of existing family homes
  • Owners of terraced housing units (terraced houses)
  • Allowance Organisations managed by territorial self-governing units

With Ferrit ENERGY, implementation is easy,
fast and safe

Expert Consultation
Expert Consultation

within 14 days

Preparation of Documents
Preparation of Documents

within 30 days

Installation and revision
Installation and revision

up to 90 days

Get a subsidy and start saving
Get a subsidy
and start saving
The deadlines are merely indicative and depend on the current demand and workload of our staff. Please contact our staff for specific dates.

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